Guitars Exchange recommends for you...

By Miguel Ángel Ariza

We have been asked to do the most difficult task of recommending a unique gift for this Christmas among the whole range of material that this marvelous world of electric guitars and bass guitars have to offer us. Anyway, the answer wasn’t as hard to find as first thought.  

We recommend you the Fender Blues Jr. III:

We have chosen this amplifier as a perfect gift mainly because of the incredible price that our friends at Thomann have reduced. For a little more than 400€ you can have the opportunity to obtain our favourite amp among a list of the top 10 all-tube small size for its value for money. To get an idea why we insist on this model, we can tell you that we have seen (for years) in buy/sell forums, and second hand fairs, prices that are quite a bit higher than what Thomann is asking for a new one right now. And it’s not because people have gone crazy valuing their product, but rather because it’s a combo that for years has seen the price hovering between 600€-700€.

It’s an exceptional amp when it comes to its heavy sound, meaning, don’t expect to find the typical crisp Fender
pitch (for example like the Twin Reverb), but it’s an amp that allows you to fatten your previous sound and then to play with the master output gives you perfect tones for the blues or rock. It has only one channel but we can assure you it gives it its best; in fact, that’s its biggest virtue, crunching the tubular signal with little volume.  It also adds a pretty decent reverb and bass ‘boost’ button to make the sound even bigger.


If you’ve been unhappy with your transistor amp for some time or might be thinking about switching to tube amps, this is the opportunity you were waiting for. An authentic Fender all-tube cannon for the same price as a transistor one, but lighter, powerful, and transportable. Ask Santa Claus or the Three Magic Kings, or bust open the piggy bank for once because you won’t regret it.  

Unbeatable value for money!