Our Mission


Who hasn’t ever had a dream? Who hasn’t been carried away by the imagination at least once? Who hasn’t felt the passion burn in his veins?
Guitars Exchange is all this: dream, imagination and passion. We open the doors at the beginning of a new year, 2015, full of energy and thanks to the efforts of a few and the help of many. Like everything that has been born, we are 'small' but with the intention to grow a little every day, being what you want us to be: a meeting point, a pastime, a roller coaster from which you won’t want get off. Like a musical carousel, everything will revolve around our passion, the guitar, in all its forms and expressions.  

BUY: Guitars Exchange is the marketplace where you can buy guitars, basses, amps and pedals from shops or individuals... New or used, t’s tailor-made for you. Feel safe by using PayPal.  

SELL: Guitars Exchange is the place you are looking for to sell your instrument and gear. Create your personal store, upload videos and beautiful pictures and describe everything in detail. We'll take care of everything else, showing your products to the world (taking only a 7% commission of the transaction -the lowest of the market).  

LIVE: Live the passion we are sharing. In Guitars Exchange everything revolves around the guitar: the shapes, the sounds, the curves, the history and the stories...  

LOVE: We love music, we love those who compose it, those who play it, those from different generations singing and dancing on 6 strings.  

GUITARS: The beginning and the end of everything. Search and find your next guitar, buy it, plug in and play (there’s no good or bad way to do it): you'll always feel better…  

And never forget: it’s all about Rock ‘n’ Roll, baby!