10 historic guitars under 1,000 euros

By Miguel Ángel Ariza

It is not only the expensive guitars that have marked six-strings’ world history. For that reason we wanted to offer you, in this list, the names of 10 guitars that are priced below a top limit of 1,000 euros (some of them well below) and that, for one reason or another, are deserving of the ‘historic’ adjective - either because of the artists who have used them, their revolutionary design, or simply because their quality of construction and sound, at a very low price, have made them authentic ‘top-selling guitars’. What we are sure of is that they all dignify comparison with models that cost thousands of euros more.      

Danelectro DE 59M  

This more than financially achievable guitar from the Danelectro brand brings with it tons of history of rock, along with its marvellous and characteristic design. It is on this list principally because it accompanied many of the tours of one of the most famous bands of all time, Led Zeppelin; it was chosen by Jimmy Page to play some of their songs live, above all those with slide guitar parts, such as on “In my time of dying”.


Taylor Baby Taylor  

This is not the first time that we have spoken about these ‘little rascals’ of Taylor’s big brand of acoustic guitars, but it is unavoidable. Its low cost and reduced size has not stopped it being chosen by stars of the magnitude of Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse. As we have noted previously, it seems that many XXI century artists have gone for this type of guitar. Even the all powerful Martin has its model, and one of the most acclaimed artists of our times, Ed Sheeran, also uses this small scale guitar. 


ESP LTG KH-202  

The ‘pocket version’ of the 602 of Mr Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s guitarist, has been since the 90s one of the first choices of future metal virtuosos for buzzing up and down their necks. Even the Argentinian Papo ‘climbed aboard the carriage’ midway through the 90s, and confirmed it as one of his favourite guitars. 


Epiphone Casino  

Probably the most historic model on this list, and not only because it was the main guitar of John Lennon. It was also one of the most popular guitar models of almost all the groups in the 60s  ‘British invasion’ or, to put it another way, it is one of the guitars that changed pop and rock music forever. If it is true to say that the current model is quite different in its characteristics from the legendary 60s model (when Epiphone was still an independent brand), its design continues to enchant any guitarist who comes across it. And now, in its modern version, it has been used by legendary bands like Oasis.


Blade Texas Pro  

One of the most desired imitations of the legendary Fender Stratocaster arrived into our lives from Switzerland. To the three Fender pickups was added an extra three position tone selector that gave an already versatile guitar even more possibilities. The first 'Made in Switzerland' guitars of this model are nowadays in very high demand, thanks to their continuing high quality of construction.


Yamaha Pacifica  

This Yamaha guitar has won a place on this ‘historic list’, because for many years it had perhaps the best quality-price relation of the 'low cost' guitars. That meant that Yamaha shifted large numbers of this model, which it continues to do, although here we offer you an older sister of the original Pacifica.


Cort MBC 1  

base a lot of their power play on an absolutely crushing and perfect sound, and their leader, Matt Bellamy, has his signature on this guitar model - so that is really everything said. Cort is another of the brands that, without being in the first division in terms of guitar price, has for years been praised for their products due to their quality-price relation; and this MBC 1 is one further example.


Ibanez JEM  

Even more legendary than the Kirk Hammet signature is this basic model of the Ibanez JEM, which although less pricey than the models used by Steve Vai, includes many of the design improvements that the former guitarist of Frank Zappa and Whitesnake initially conceived. It is without doubt one of the models that has taken guitar construction to a higher level.


PRS Santana  

This is the basic model of the guitar chosen by Carlos Santana to achieve one of the most characteristic tones in history. We have already spoken on Guitars Exchange about the difficult path that Paul Reed Smith trod to convince Santana that his guitar was the guitar that the Mexican guitarist had been waiting for all his life. The result of many prototypes, and a lot of effort from the luthier, is this model that Santana has now made legendary. 


G&L Tribute     

This guitar model is the attempt of Leo Fender himself to improve on the greatest of all his contributions to music… the Fender Telecaster. In fact, in case there is anybody left who doesn’t know it yet, the man behind the L of this brand called G&L is the same man who gave his name to the biggest guitar company on the planet… which now does not belong to him. This tele model comes from his new company - and it has been praised since its first models by an infinity of guitarists. The fact is that if anyone in the world knows how to manufacture a Telecaster, well, it is probably the guy who designed it.