Cris Méndez, in mood to fly

By Massimo D'Angelo

We met on a beautiful April afternoon: she was punctual, in cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a jacket with swallows sewn into it, the same ones she’s got tattooed among many others. Two questions were more than enough to make us feel at home, as if we were chatting to an old friend. That’s what happens when you talk with Cris Méndez, when she flashes that shining smile, those crystal-clear eyes, and she tells you about her life and music. 

She hadn’t the lungs to play sax, her childhood passion, nor the patience for the violin. But when your dad and brother are both guitarists, it wasn’t hard to find a 6-string laying around, so she was soon playing notes. The words rolled out all together; she was playing in bands at 14, just for fun, say, and dreams of rock & roll. The sounds of The Police, Prince, and Seattle grunge ringing in her head, her meeting Dani Martín, ex-singer for El Canto del Lobo, came after, and she has spent more than 6 years with him, in his band and by his side. A contract and debut record with Warner would soon follow. 

Today Cris walks alone, more mature, with her eyes on the road, and her 2nd record under her arm - Zona de Confort, which still smells like the printer - and is really into telling all about herself through her old and new songs to anyone willing to stop and listen to her pop/soft rock, getting lost in her verses, her delicious voice, that sincere smile, and deep gaze. 


Her father gave her her first acoustic Fender, and it’s still at home. These days, her ‘wings’ are a small Martin&Co. LXK2, her Martinella, and a Alhambra, a joint family gift that ‘appeared’ in the hands of her sister during a gig in which she had to play a borrowed guitar to get an acceptable sound, and which has become really her first main instrument. All that Cris needs is this: a guitar, take a few running steps and start singing: her mood to fly etched in her tattoos and it shows.