In The Style Of Jimmy Page

By Miguel Ángel Ariza

This week we get to look at the gear of one the most revered gods in our particular Olympus, the leader and guitarist for what many consider the greatest band in rock history: Led Zeppelin; and the name of our hero is, well you know, Jimmy Page.

Unlike our last week’s hero, Stephen Stills, Mr. Page and his band are not exactly unknown, so we’re not going to dig into the list of their achievements and greatness. We simply want to add one thing: we don’t know if they’re the greatest but what we do know, is that without them, our lives would be worse...much worse.  

That said, let’s list some of Mr. Page’s guitars.

There are four main electric guitars that come to mind when we think about Jimmy Page. The first of the lot is a Fender Telecaster, late 50s, which he used as much in his last moments with the
Yardbirds, as, especially, in recordings and first few tours with Led Zeppelin, the band with which he would change the world forever. It might be a well known fact for many of us but it’s always worth remembering that the Jimmy Page sound in the studio is often a Telecaster rather than  a Gibson Les Paul, which is the one normally associated with him as it was the one we see him use onstage on the majority of their songs.   

And now that we’ve mentioned it, on to his flagships: his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, originally called ‘number one’ and ‘number two’, figures that tell us two things: the first is that if anyone deserves to have two from 1959, it is Jimmy Page, and the second is, thank God, the Brit guitarist had much more imagination for music than guitar names.   

In third and fourth place, we have to mention, just briefly, two other iconic models that have Page’s endorsements: one is the Danelectro 3021 he played on many tours, especially for their slide songs, but not only for them (for example several times while playing Kashmir) and lastly, the mythic double-necked Gibson EDS 1275 that he played on Stairway to Heaven.  

Regarding his acoustic guitars, we have seen images of him playing live and recording with a Martin D28 and a Gibson J200. With those he has given us some of his most recorded performances, and above all, some of his best compositions. Without a doubt, he is one of the best acoustic players in the world.

Well, we could immerse ourselves forever on Jimmy Page’s gear but just remembering his name makes us want to plug in our Gibson Les Paul and start playing one of his songs. We hope that this article serves to make you feel the same way we do.


Find you own way to the tone of Jimmy Page