10 Questions We Ask Everyone

Relish Guitars - Switzerland

Relish Guitars Switzerland is a young Swiss guitar label founded in 2010 by Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng, two designers, musicians and guitarists. Pirmin and Silvan succeeded in attracting the attention of the market due to their continuous research and innovation in construction, materials and design. While winning -also- startup awards, they are working on a new concept of ‘guitar experience’ with Jane, their main creation: touch sensors for pickups activation, LEDs, aluminum frame, back panel attached with magnets, new design and warm touch. Beyond all this, we don’t have to forget the most important thing: Jane sounds good.    


1. GUITARS EXCHANGE: How did you end up becoming, or start out as, a luthier?

RELISH GUITARS: Pirmin started in his industrial design studies to develop the first prototype. As he has shown me the guitar we started to show it to musicians and developed more prototypes together until we finished with our final series standard model.  

2. GUITARS EXCHANGE: What inspires you to design and manufacture a new guitar?

RELISH GUITARS: Being bored of over 60years of no changes in fabrication of an electric body that influences more to sound than just a solid body construction.  

3. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Do you look for a given sound for any particular reason?

RELISH GUITARS: We launched Jane for better sound in terms of more sustain due to the aluminum frame & also a warmer vibrant sound due to the sandwich body construction.  

4. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Select one and talk about: soul, jazz, blues, rock, pop…or other.

RELISH GUITARS: Doesn’t matter – Jane comes as Ashy, Walnut and Cherry model. On every Jane we provide different pickups for any style you like to play.
The Bluesy Walnut Jane, the Jazzy Ashy or the Rock n’ Cherry – whatever you like… we also provide other branded pickups (Lollar, Lundgren, Goodtone e.g.)  with our plug & play connector pickups system – so there is no need of soldering!

5. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Are you a jobbing artist or a solitary artisan?
RELISH GUITARS: Definitely a jobbing artist – for developing a piece of Art as Jane is, you need to have the vibe of an artist – but then also comes the business part which is important to build up production and international sales – that’s the jobbing part!  

6. GUITARS EXCHANGE: What was the last record or CD you bought? And listened to?

RELISH GUITARS: I bought a few just because we got sponsored by VW Multivan with a T5 – therefore we needed good music while driving around and delivering our Jane (John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and BossHoss…)  

...ONE BODY...

7. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Electric or acoustic?

RELISH GUITARS: Electric with influence of a bit acoustic character.  

...ONE NECK...

8. GUITARS EXCHANGE: What is the secret behind your choice of wood?

RELISH GUITARS: The Neck is without tropical wood! We wanted to have a sustainable guitar – therefore we use bamboo fretboards.  


9. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Why should we consider luthier-crafted guitars as a viable option to guitars made by the large manufacturers?

RELISH GUITARS: Bigger sound, better quality & more inspiration!  

10. GUITARS EXCHANGE: Who plays your guitars? Who would you like to have play your guitars?

RELISH GUITARS: Aloe Blacc’s guitar player Joel van Dijck plays our Jane (“I need a dollar the dollar is what I need”) then also a guitar is in Capital Studios where all the big Grammy award winners can play our Jane in the studios. And Jane is also travelling with “Playing for Change” around the world where Keith Richards and U2 is participating…
We have a big list of major artists who we would love to show our Jane... I’m sure that will happen sometime in a while…

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