5 Indispensable Classics

By Miguel Ángel Ariza

Ibanez Tubescreamer TS9

An authentic classic of the overdrives, used by an endless number of guitarists for decades. The perfect travel companion to “piss off” that clean sound of your amp. Specifically the one in the video has been modified as you can see a TS9, but with the legendary JRC 4558 chip used in the original TS-808, and also with an added button switch  more comfortable to use than the one that comes in the standard model.

Boss Digital Delay DD-3

Another of the classics that is never absent  on many pedalboards of thousands of guitarists around the globe whether they’re professionals or just aficionados. A tough pedal, like all the ones from Boss, with 3 different delays capable of solving many (or almost all) of your needs for live delay. 

Electro Harmonix POG – 2

Polyphonic octave effects with 8 presets that can be stored to memory and which would enable us to play for a whole day with no end of new sounds. It is the closest to playing  with a 12-string that we ever tried, and it provides ways to make the guitar sound like an organ...and much more. In short, it’s a wonderful thing and once you try it, you’ll understand its value. 

Proco RAT 2

One of the most widely used distortion pedals on the market and I’m not surprised since its price is within reach of everyone. With just 3 simple power knobs (volume, filter, distortion) its ruggedness also allows you to take it anywhere without having many fidelity problems. A great pedal for price and quality.

Xotic EP Booster

A pedal that with each passing day seems to be worth more and we think we know why. More than just a booster to raise the decibels of your sound, what this pedal does is to minimally colour your guitar’s signal which is why many guitarists and keyboardists always use it in their gigs. A booster that doesn’t modify your sound, bit slightly fattens it, and together with its light weight and the little space it takes up on the pedalboard shows why it’s used more and more by professionals.

Video Demo

By Miguel Angel Ariza