The wood is important, of course: we've learned it by interviewing luthiers and visiting Madinter. And...what about the shape? Indeed it seems that the vast majority of the guitarists’ community is divided between Gibson or Fender-aholics, the eternal struggle. Weight, color, frets, neck thickness... many things effect the choice of a guitar, either new or vintage. But without the pickups, an electric guitar would be nothing more than a nice piece of treated and shaped wood, even the one that proceeds from an exotic country, that perfectly fits with our tastes, like two pieces of the same puzzle. And, as there couldn't be any other way, it even exists a world between the choice of the pickups. How many, which type, single-coil or humbucker or both at the same time? Not even the great guitarists, our legends, seem to agree: there’s a pickup for each taste.  

This graph shows the basics, in a clear, simple, and ultimate way, to understand what a pickup is
. Have Fun!

Pickups Anatomy