In The Style Of Ronnie Wood

By Miguel Ángel Ariza

If we were just talking about a guy who started off his career by recording the best records Jeff Beck  ever made, or the Faces guitarist, or Rod Stewart’s, we would already have an adjective  in mind:  legendary...the amazing thing about this resumé is that it pales beside the phrase ‘Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Guitarist’.   
We could write forever about his achievements and the incredible songs that carry his name, but in this section we are going to focus on the gear old Ronnie uses to get that sound that has been driving us crazy since his early days as lead guitarist with the Faces.    

Needless to say, he’s one of those guitarists whose hands have held hundreds of wonderful guitars and even has the honour of having several brands behind him with signature models like for example, his own Gibson L5S, his ESP B Bender Tele and more recently his own model for the German maker Duesenberg, an authentically beautiful guitar.  

But, that said, we are going to settle on 2 of his ‘life long’ electric guitars. And we’ll emphasize the word electric because you already know that Ron Wood is the handy man in the Stones and so many guitars have passed through his hands, acoustic ( the most common being a 50s Gibson j200), pedal steels, lap steels… But as we were saying, 2 of them are, in our opinion, a sign of absolute distinction. The fisrt, his Zemaitis Disc Front, the one responsible for that raw saturated sound from the Faces records. This sound is the perfect brother for the raspy voice of Rod Stewart and one of the sonic frames of reference most recognised in Brit rock of the 70s. Ron Wood himself calls it his ‘Stay with me guitar’.     

The second is his Fender Stratocaster from 1955, and why not say it?, his real love. It’s been his favourite for decades and an ideal companion for the Fender Twin amps from ‘58, Vibro King, and even his AC30 from the 60s that he’s used on occasion for solo records. The ‘twang’ from a guitar like this is indescribable, a big bursting tone and Fender pitch. Lovers of vintage collections will know that we’re talking about a guitar that prices between 30 or 40,000 €, so they will like to know that the one he uses to make up for his 55 is a 54...Ron Wood doesn’t pinch pennies with friends.   

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