God of Sound

By Massimo D'Angelo

Clapton is God…that’s how it was put in graffiti at the Islington underground station in London 1967. And if it’s about faith, in his case, we are talking about blues. According to him, the blues is nothing more than another language. Once learned, you can use it to express yourself.  

His obsession was to carry the riffs of the great black guitarists into the rock 'n' roll of Chuck Berry. And from there, he wanted to try a fusion of blues with the rest of the genres: from soul to folk, from pop to reggae.

Clapton earned himself a place on the podium for his control of tempo, the deep knowledge of scales, fluidity of phrasing, and his special touch. His fabulous vibrato, tone, and mastery in volume control, and always-perfect sound, remains forever engraved in the Stratocaster Blackie plugged in a Fender amp.

In The Style Of Eric Clapton