Genesis - Live At The O2 Arena London (26 March 2022)

By Eva Garcia de la Fuente

Genesis. End of the line.  

On Saturday 26 March 2022, Genesis arrived at its last stop: the O2 in London, because Phil Collins' deteriorating health prevents him from continuing. So, in front of 15,000 spectators, Genesis bids farewell with "The Last Domino?" Tour. The journey, which has lasted 53 years, is about to come to an end.

In a very dim light, Dead Already begins to play; emphasizing the moment. With the help of a cane, Phil Collins struggles to a chair that has been placed on stage in front of a microphone. Tony Banks stands by the keyboards and Daryl Stuermer and Mike Rutherford pick up their guitars; Nicolas Collins is on drums. The ovation from the audience lasts for a full five minutes. Once Phil Collins is seated, without a word the music continues with Behind the Lines (Duke's end), followed by Turn it on Again, then Mama; as if Phil wants to meet her again.


Finally a break arrives, with Phil still seated, but he decides to lighten the mood by joking: “Oh, God! I need another couple of hours to sing the next song!” It's impacting to see him in such a deteriorated state, but his unique voice is still in good shape.    

During the 1980s the US and Russia were in the Cold War. Today we have Covid and Putin. Too many men, too many people, causing too much trouble… this is Land of Confusion...accompanied by one of the best music videos from the super-famous British show Spitting Image.


Over the next 10 minutes we connect with ‘another world’. The spirits were chasing the thief from Home By The Sea and in his attempt to escape, we enter the Second Home By The Sea which, according to Phil, is the first real Genesis song.

With the first two verses of Fading Lights, and the second half of The Cinema Show, we are once again reminded that Genesis songs are pure literature and very melodic.


The tenuous light of the sunset brings us to Afterglow: 15,000 people sing along and with their mobile torches held aloft, they manage to illuminate the whole stadium. More than one person was crying in grief: was it really going to be the last time?

Without a break, the second part of the concert begins. They play That's all, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Follow you Follow Me. We were on song number 13 and there was no sign of tiredness, so the band picked up the pace and continued with seven more songs, including No Son of Mine and Invisible Touch. By now, there was no one left in the audience seated.


Impressive light effects, images of concerts and historical moments from the over 50 years that the band has been composing flashed in front of us. The stage show did not disappoint.

Although Phil remained seated throughout the concert, his presence filled the stage as Mike Rutherford alternated between his Fender - Stratocasters (the Eric Clapton Signature is among his favourites), Squier (Bullet Strat HT), Acoustasonic - and his trademark double neck (a Gibson twelve-string with a Yamaha TRB-4P bass).


After a two-hour concert, Genesis said goodbye with The Carpet Crawlers, the last recording by ‘the famous five’: Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, and Steve Hackett. Peter and Steve sang along while sitting in the audience.

Nobody wanted to leave. It was a privilege to see them for the last time. End of the line.