Jess Loureiro Hand Wound Pickups Telecaster 72 custom pickup set

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Make: Jess Loureiro Hand Wound Pickups

Model: Telecaster 72 custom pickup set

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Condition: New

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Set for Telecaster 72 custom

Pickups with compensated output and designed to be used with 250 Kohm potentiometers

This set is designed from the point of view that custom telecasters are still telecasters. They have that bridge pickup so characteristic and whoever has that guitar and not a 72 deluxe or 72 thinline, it's because he wants to have that classic edge sound on the bridge. Therefore, it is best to use a classic bridge pickup and a circuit with potentiometers of 250 Kohm. Obviously, whoever has a custom 72 is because he wants a Wide-Range on the neck, to be compensated with the circuit and with the bridge pickup I have built a Wide-Range pickup with a low output and with 3 alnico magnets, so It gets an open, organic sound with a woody tone, a delight in clean and that can fill the entire range of your speaker when the amplifier is saturated. 

The specifications are:

- Hand-wound by Jess Loureiro.

- Potted in beeswax / paraffin mixture. 

- Bridge pickup: alnico 5; plain enamel 42 awg; 6.9 Kohm - Neck pickup: alnico 3; plain thread enamel 42 awg; 6.5 Kohm 

The Wide-Range has Alnico magnets in the shape of a screw, coils with the original dimensions, the "intermediate" magnetic iron plate and a metal base and "Nickel silver" cover. With the exception of the CuNiFe magnets, which are replaced by AlNiCo, the pickup is exact to that of an original Wide Range, and in this case adapting its output to match the bridge pickup. The wide-range pickup can be wired with the normal lead wire or the 4-conductor, which allows split coil or series / parallel, simply choose the one you want when ordering.

Screws and springs / tubes are included to mount the pickups. For any questions send an email to

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