In the style of Jim Root

By Gorkez

A blood-thirsty surgeon who operates with a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel, a mask in place of a lab coat. No anestesia. 

He’s the darling of the morbid, the lure towards the dark side, seeking out his own limits. Gain to the max, the volume the same. You get in front of the amp, real close, and do the Jim Root. There’s something disturbing about being both the puncher and the punched. And you like it. 

Play some notes on palm-mute and let the sound hit you, the sheer volume stuns you and although you’re having fun, and there’s nothing wrong with it, you feel that something ain’t right. Imagine doing this in a band with 8 other dudes, each and every one crazier than the last.

This is the catharsis of Slipknot. It scares, bullies, and decomposes. They tie you down and apply their treatment.

Is that too much for you? Turn the volume and gain down, you can always go back to the happy 90s with Stone Sour and pretend nothing’s wrong, just playing sweet hard-rock.

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