The hands of God in the Devil's skin

by Antonio S. Maeso

In this world there are both saints and demons, apparitions from heaven and fallen angels; the embodiment of goodness and the personification of evil. Sublime purity and diabolical fait acompli. Or the other way round.  

As a boy, Angus Young (born in Glasgow, Scotland on 31st March 1955), when he picked up his first borrowed electric guitar down in Australia where he was brought up, would most likely have been dreaming of Their Satanic Majesties The Rolling Stones led by the thick-lipped Mick Jagger. Later, in 1973, with his prodigious fingers racing over a '68 Gibson SG whose horns he fell in love with when he first saw the guitar in a catalogue, the Devil with Godly hands was born: a pint-sized, long-haired demon, able to take hold of one's very core and captivate entire auditoriums packed out with entranced souls. Jagger might be king Satan, but Angus Young was soon to be recognized as the Devil himself.

The little lad of the family, both in size and order, Angus, who in the lips department can give Jagger himself a run for his money, is today together with his brother Malcolm, all that is left of the very beginnings of AC/DC. A host of multifarious members have come and gone since then. Bon Scott, another founding member of the group, returned to the darkness from whence he came, taken away by the nth. bottle of booze, the last alcohol-binge that his body finally had no choice but to wave the white flag to.

The band paid homage to their ex-singer with the brutal 'Back in Black', which, according to many sources has been the second most sold LP ever, after Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. The album was a reflection of the feelings that Scott himself would have wanted to broadcast from the grave, but with the voice of the band's new signing, Brian Johnson.

Ever since his first Gibson SG came into his life, Angus has had many variations of the same model. Standard, Special, Custom SG, Les Paul...

When a musician is identified with a guitar, the guitar companies take full advantage of what in all probability is going to be a goldmine for them. With this hope, Gibson presently markets an Angus Young SG Signature, which by all accounts the Scot is none too fond of. Any photos you may see of him playing it are there for protocol, nothing else.

His musical career has gone hand in hand with his two-horned partner. You should go to see Angus. The naughtiest schoolboy that rock has ever given birth to, he is at the top of the 'must-see' list for those that love to rock out. To behold the man do his duck dance while he picks out Thunderstruck is the best thing there is, full stop.

If by any chance someone should knock at your door, don't open it. It might be the devil, dressed as a schoolboy - risen up from hell.

(Images: ©CordonPress)