The fastest gets it...

Here you will find a selection of bargainsremnantsphase-out models and returned items from Thomann current catalogue.

Each week Guitars Exchange will select a dozen products for you among those that most attract our attention; all, of course, covered by the Thomann guarantee. There will be instruments for all pockets but, beware, there is usually only one of each item available. So go ahead, cowboy, shoot fast!

Duesenberg Channel 2 B-Stock

Zoom G5n B-Stock

Z.Vex Box of Rock Vexter B-Stock

Radial Tonebone Tonebone Headbone TS

Moog MF-Boost

Way Huge Russian Pickle

Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2

Boss ST-2 Power Stack B-Stock

Way Huge Red Llama 25th Anniversary B-Stock

ProCo Rat 2 Distortion

Electro Harmonix Lumberjack

Pigtronix Philosophers Rock B-Stock

Fender Jimi Hendrix Strat OWH B-Stock

Danelectro DB612-CB B-Stock

PRS SE Custom 24 Exotic SP B-Stock

Gibson Flying V 2018 Aged Cherry B-Stock

Fender SQ Contemporary Active B-Stock

Epiphone Lee Malia Explorer Cus B-Stock

Rickenbacker 350v63 FG Liverpool

G&L Tribute Ascari GTS TR B-Stock

D'Angelico Premier SS Black

Ovation Celebrity CE4412-5 B-Stock

Guild F-150CE Nat Westerly B-Stock

Orange Rocker 15 B-Stock

Marshall Origin 50C Combo B-Stock

Blackstar HT STAGE 60 112 Combo B-Stock