Zerberus Gorgonized Nemesis with real Italian Carrara Marble stone top.

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Marca: Zerberus Guitars

Modello: Nemesis

Anno: 2022

Condizioni: Nuovo

Prezzo: 3200.00

Gorgonized Nemesis with real White Italian Carrara Marble top (Glacier-Ice-Burst-Burst). You hear right - this is no thin veneer, no airbrush, no photo-finish, no plastic, no fake-stone, no artificial stone, no reconstituted stone or any kind of coating! Real White Italian Carrara Arabescato Marble and a nice Glacier-Ice-Burst. Isn´t that insanely heavy??? No, thanks to a chambered Mahogany body and 0.2” stone top it only is 8.2lb and not heavier than many standard solid body guitars. It really happens - I am running out of gorgonized Nemesis models with real stone top. Me and (most important) my customers love that Nemesis guitars, but for me now it is time to move on and break new ground by building a new model with real stone top. What do I have in mind? A gorgonized MORPHEUS model with various stone tops. I plan to launch that guitar early next Year. So this is one of the last 6 Nemesis models with real stone top available. This special Nemesis comes with the LED strip unerneath the stone top that can be turned on and off. You like it? Fire it up! You hate it? Throw away the battery! (but please recycle )

My inspiration is to break new ground by using new materials and designing guitars that are not just copies of already existing, successful models. I always wanted my guitars to have their own character to people say: “Hey, this looks like a Zerberus” as soon as they see one of my guitars. I very much respect the Vintage style guitars but I think that there must be room for innovation instead of imitation. 
 My motto is 6 simple words:           Be a voice – not an echo!

If you need versatility - if you love sustain - if you are into guitars that have character - if you love to play a guitar that you won´t find at every corner - you really should take a closer look :)
This Nemesis offers some amazing sustain and a lot of harmonic overtones.
You get a lot of punch and power in humbucker mode, and you also get a lot of crispy tone in single coil mode.
The 25.5” scale helps a lot to get the twang. This Nemesis plays and sounds incredible and you can hear that the 0.2” thick stone top is not just an optical gimmick. It really ads a lot of even extra sustain to the tone.

Maybe I should answer some of the typical questions:...

REAL STONE???  ARE YOU NUTS??? Hahahah...I hope not

Yes...sure, stone is heavier than wood. But using a very lightweight kind of mahogany and a body with sound chambers keeps the weight in control. That Nemesis has 8.276lb so it does not weight more than most standard solid body electric guitars. Don´t forget - the top is only 0.2" thick.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DROP SUCH A GUITAR? Guitars don´t get better by dropping them - But don´t worry - that Nemesis will not shatter into a thousand pieces like a mirror if you drop it. How do I know? Simply because I dropped one by accident after polishing the body. The upper rim got damaged when the guitar dropped onto the concrete floor of my workshop. Now it has two ugly dents and the clear coat has chipped of. The top (Tiger´s Eye) still is intact and I could fix the guitar and make it shine again but I don´t have the time. The top is not completely free floating. It is glued into the chambered body. Moreoever the stone top has a fiberglass net reinforcement applied to the backside so it is very stable. All in all, it will not take more damage than any other usual guitar.

DOES STONE SOUND?  I will not write a scientific treatise about the tonal properties and advantages of stone now. You can easily search the we for that and you find a lot of it. In short words: The stone top adds some really remarkable and even sustain to the sound. It does not sound cold or sterile. It has a really fat and warm sound that you might find on a really good solid body guitar. Plus some extra sustain. There are some sound sample videos of stone tops on my website. All of my guitars have the option to split both humbuckers into single coils by push-pull separately. That makes this guitar extremely versatile from Blues over Rock up to Metal and many more. I think you call this a Jack of all trades. I call it an alround working horse.

WHAT´S THE NECK PROFILE? The fretboard has a 14" radius and the neck has a nice C-shape with 20mm and fret 1 and 22mm at fret 12. Width at nut is 43mm. Sorry...I am a metric guy.

DOES IT COME WITH A HARD CASE? Yes, of course it comes inside a hard case.

If you have more questions you are very welcome to ask.
Regarding shipment: I ship by DHL as a fully insured parcel (I never ship without insurance). Untill Today they never lost or damaged a guitar, but you never know. Better play safe. Actually the DHL standard shipment can be very slow (they say: Caused by Coivd 19). There is an option to add some extra service to the shipment called "Premium". DHL charges USD 80 for that service and Premium should allow a faster shipment. But by my experience that service is not worth the money that it costs. Actually any shipment can be delayed . Sometimes DHL standard shipments arrive after 2 or 4 weeks...sometimes they also can take double that time. Of course I am at your side all the time and I also check the tracking information, but you need to be aware that in these trying times the transport worldwide is slowed down. Packed safely inside the hardcase with bubble wrap around the hard case and inside a very stable overseas cardboard box and lots of Red tape around the box, the guitars are safe on the long haul.
Frankly speaking, 90% of our customer live in the USA and Canada, so shipments to the States and Canada are business as ususal for me.
 Take care and stay safe!

You like specs?  Here we go:
Neck scale: 648mm (25.5" scale)  Fretboard radius: 14" C-shape by the way.
Neck width at nut: 1.69" Neck width at fret 12: 2.08"  Neck thickness at fret 1: 0.81"
Neck thickness at fret 12: 0.89"  Fretboard made of Rosewood
Tuners: Wilkinson locking Tuners  Nut: Wilkinson roller nut
Medium fret size 24 frets  Neck material: Hard Maple with Purple Heart stripes
Truss rod: Double action Truss Rod  Chambered Body: Mahogany
Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH1n (59) and SH4 (JB) Controls: Master Volume / Master Tone
Both potentiometers are push-pull-types.  Each knob can split one humbucker into single coil (sounds incredible and makes the guitar extremely versatile)

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