One of 26 Zerberus Green-Planet-Series Nemesis made of 100% Bamboo - Sustain and Sustainability

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Make: Zerberus Guitars

Model: Nemesis Green-Planet-Series

Year: 2019

Condition: New

Price: 1490.00

Kill no more tress - never worry about CITES or getting your guitar conficated at customs. What you see here is a Blue-Burst colored Green-Planet-Series Nemesis made of 100% Bamboo. (Serial Number 1GPN019)
I have introduced my new Green-Planet-Series at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim this Year and now I have got the first hand full finished, available and ready to rock.
Body: Natural Bamboo
Neck: Natural Bamboo
Top: 15mm thick top of highly compressed Tiger pattern Bamboo
Fretboard: Dark carbonized highly compressed Bamboo
Scale 25.5"
Pickups: Kammerstein Quadrails (each of them can be split into single coil by push-pull-potentiometers)
Tuners: Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners. ( My favorite tuners. GraphTech says: We've tuned the gear ratios to each string position so that every string responds the same to any tuning adjustment. You get fine tuning on the thicker core strings and coarser tuning on the thinner core; anywhere from 12:1 to 39:1 gear ratio. With Ratio®, one turn is about one tone change on all strings, making tuning, retuning and open tunings easier, quicker and more intuitive.)
Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut.
Finish: Satin matte finish
Sound: Extremely versatile with lots of sustain and character.
Why Bamboo? Sustainability! I started my experiment a few Years ago long before the insane set the Amazonas on fire. Unbelievably, more than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year! More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues. I was looking for an alternative to regular wood and when I found out about the properties and possibilities of Bamboo-Lumber I was extremely thrilled to see how that works out adapted to traditional guitar building techniques.
I was impressed how much that material looks and feel like nice lumber and now that I have the first hand full finished I am even more impressed of the sound and feel.
I fell in love in a second.
Still have some lumber like quilted Maple, Mahogany, tiger stripe Redwood and so on in my workshop..enough to build some more custom guitars, but once this all is used up, I plan not to buy anymore of that lumber.
Bamboo simply is such an amazing, sustainable and environmental friendly material and it is awesome for electric guitars.
If you cut down a tree you kill the organism. Around 25% (the roots) of the tree remains in the ground where it rots and releases CO2 or the roots are burned and release CO2. It takes around 100 Years until a new tree can be cut and turned into guitar material. The Rosewood trees that are being cut down for making fretboards often are more than 500 Years old. Bamboo is different - it actually is not a tree - it is some sort of giant grass. If you cut down a bamboo trunk (can have a diameter of 20”) some species of bamboo grow more than three feet each day! No plant on the planet features a faster growth rate. When it is harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation. Or in other words: You cut the stem and around 45 days later it is back in full size (up to 40 Meters). Then it takes 5 Years to lignify before it can be harvested again and the circle start anew. No tree can do that. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees. What an awesome plant. And now I am proud to show you the first hand full of the first limited batch of 26 guitars. I will sell them at a price point of USD 1,750.00 including luxury hard case and certificate. I think sustainability only makes sense if you can afford it. If I´d build those guitars in my workshop by my own hands, I only could make around 6 per Year and the price would be around $ 4,000.00. But I wanted the Green-Planet-Series to be more affordable and so I decided to have it being built by a Korean company. I have sent CAD drawings and a prototype that I built by hand and they built 26 guitars exactly according to my specs and prototype. I work together with a very eco focused manufacturer of Bamboo who made the body planks, fret boards, tops and so on explicit for my project. It came out to be a really awesome guitar with lots of sustain and soul.
When I exhibited at the Guitar Summit, Joe Berger dropped by to play some notes on such a Nemesis.He was impressed by the guitar and I was more than impressed by his talent :)
I have made a small video that I will attach here.
Before I forget: Weight – People often think that a guitar made of Bamboo would be extremely lightweight.
This is because a Bamboo stem is hollow inside.
But those guitars are not hollow inside and so the weight of a Green-Planet-Series Nemesis is 9.5 lb.
This also is because of the heavy 0.59” thick top that is made of Tiger pattern, highly compressed Bamboo.
But it hangs extremely well balanced at the strap, and the sustain (and sustainability) is remarkable.
Thanks to the Kammerstein Quadrails and the coil split option that Nemesis is a Jack of all trades.
You want to play Blues? Just flip the toggle to Neck position and pull the Volume poti knob.
You want to play heavy? Just flip the toggle to bridge position and leave the Tone poti knob as it is.
You simply can get everything from warm and fat humbucker sounds to raunchy single coil sounds and everything between.
If you have any question, feel free to ask me. My name is Frank Scheucher and my motto is “Be a Voice – not an echo” I am a one-man-workshop, and that means:
I don´t have millions of Dollars that I can use to push my guitars in the media.
I can´t afford to spend thousands $$ to hire famous guitar players just to play my guitars.
I don´t have the funds to promote my guitars with gigantic booths at each and every exhibition around the globe or on TV shows.
Most of my guitars sell thru word of mouth recommendations and that requires 100% satisfied and happy customers.
I am very proud of my guitars and for me it is very important to have happy and satisfied customers.
I take personal responsibility for the customer satisfaction and I am your contact for all concerns. Regarding shipment: I suggest to contact me first so I can see if I can give a better quote. Once I know the destination I can calculate more accurate. Same for the USA and everywhere else. Better talk to me and let me calculate the exact shipping cost. I usually ship by DHL as a fully insured parcel (I never ship without insurance). Untill Today they never lost or damaged a guitar, but you never know. Better play safe.If you have any questions please feel free to ask right away.
Best regards,
Frank Scheucher

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