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RT @RockNRollPics: On this day in 1991, Metallica released "The Black Album".
Discover how to sound like #Santana. Interactive infographic here:
Happy August, Sweeeeeeet Lisa!
Our tribute to @TheRealBuddyGuy, the link between #MuddyWaters & #Hendrix. Check it out:
RT @GiordanoNSGBonc: new extreme shred video 2017 @AxeMagazine @ChitarreMag @premierguitar @Guitarist_Mag @GuitarsE…
Happy 81st birthday to @TheRealBuddyGuy "Born To Play Guitar" (2015)
Our tribute to the legend of #MikeBloomfield Check it out:
Sweeeeeet Lisa! :)
"The crown of Southern Rock": @Skynyrd - Pronounced 'lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd (1973)
Here for sale: 1990 @Gibson #Lucille in mint condition. Location: #Italy Check it out!
"In The Style Of #ScottyMoore"
Happy 52nd birthday #Slash Here's our tribute:
Review: #gunsnroses - Use Your Illusion I & II (1991) the ambitious testament of a great band…
The First 3 Queen Records, the foundations of a colossal body of work @DrBrianMay…
RT @lisaplaysguitar: #FF @ardensmusic @GuitarsExchange @AustinStKloud @EdKiernan @GarudaCustoms @rockinstevie @mojosarmy @andrewmaguire9 @n…
Happy 70th birthday to #CarlosSantana, the guitar that tasted of tequila...
Happy 70th birthday to @DrBrianMay, "A Rock Star in Space"
"Little Games" from #TheYardbirds was released 50 years ago. The prelude of #ledzeppelin
Happy 58th birthday to @TheRealSambora!
Happy 42nd birthday to #JackWhite the last 'guitar hero'...
Sweeeeet Lisa! Have a wonderful weekend!
Celebrating @neilslofgren's birthday...This is our tribute to "an elite supporting actor"
[INTERACTIVE] Find your own way to #DerekTrucks' sound:
Happy 66 birthday @nilslofgren! Tomorrow on we’ll talk about his legend!
We're celebrating @stevehunterguit "The deacon of rock" 69th birthday
"Sister" from @thesonicyouth 30th annniversary, "Reinventing #guitar rock"
2017 Anya TL Semihollow #guitar from @BacceGuitars here for sale:
#BenHarper released #TheWillToLive 20 years ago today. Here's our tribute. Play it loud!
In The Style Of #JohnPetrucci. Find your own way to the legendary sound of #DreamTheater
Happy 57th birthday @stevevai ;)