Crazytone FrogFace (N.O.S.Fuzz) 2016

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Make: Crazytone

Model: FrogFace (N.O.S.Fuzz)

Year: 2016

Condition: New

Price: 180.00

FrogFace is a fuzz boutique pedal, fully hand-wired, soldered with a classic point-to-point technique, as the best gears and amplifiers on the market. 
All the components inside are NOS (New Old Stock), so produced in the 60-70s, but still brand new . 
In particular, FrogFace has military grade silicon transistors, made of ceramic and with gold-plated pins. These are NOS from the late 60’s too. 
Our goal was to recreate the true vintage sound, just using components of those times, and now we've got it!
It has True bypass and a warm and powerful sound, clearly vintage-style. 
FrogFace is fully customizable through the pots FROG (fuzz) and VOL (output level), and the transistors's bias can be regulated with an internal trimmer.

Frogface è un pedale fuzz boutique, completamente saldato a mano con tecnica point-to-point, come i migliori effetti ed amplificatori sul mercato. Tutti i componenti interni sono NOS ( New Old Stock ), prodotti negli anni 60-70. 
In particolare, ha transistor al silicio di produzione militare, realizzati in ceramica e con pins placcati oro.  
L'obiettivo era quello di ricreare il vero suono vintage, usando esclusivamente componenti dei tempi d'oro, ed ecco FrogFace!
Tra le altre features: 
- True bypass
- Bias del transistor regolabile tramite trimmer interno 
- Limited Edition numerata ed autografata
- Led verde alta luminosità
Il suono scuro, caldo e potente, lo rende unico nel suo genere, provare per credere!

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Publication date: May 9, 2016

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Vintage (pre-1980)


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