Music Man StingRay 2 Guitar 1978

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Make: Music Man

Model: Music Man StingRay 2 Guitar

Year: 1978

Condition: Good

Price: 1300.00

A rare opportunity to acquire this top of the range beautiful and very rare 6 string American guitar made by Leo Fender in 1978. It comes with a hard case. It is a vintage guitar. The improvements that were added above the Stratocaster are: Newly developed tuning keys for more precise pitch adjustment. New head design to allow strings to pull straight across nut. Head reinforced to provide extra strength at neck's weakest point. One piece maple neck with truss rod installed from rear for maximum stability and precise adjustment. Neck tilt adjustment eliminates need for shims and assures any desirable action may be readily achieved. Two hand-wound humbucking pickups The increased sized magnets improve tonal response to accommodate light gauge strings. Three screw pickup adjustment to allow height and tilt control. Recessed bridge adjustment screws in individual saddle adjustment sections which do not interfere with picking or muting. Active tone controls allowing volume change without changing tone. Four position selector switch to for in/out-of-phase connection. Built-in bright switch. Solid heavy-duty bridge assembly mounted in brass inserts to improve tone and increase sustain. Three screw neck attachment for stability and ease of adjustment. *** The preamp isolates pickups from the tone control circuitry and provides a low impedance output. It effectively creates a "bass volume" control and a "treble volume" control which allows the "main volume" control the ability to change volume with absolutely no change in tone, and with a single knob adjustment. The preamp also accommodates longer guitar cords, greatly increases the output level for better sustain and overdrive.

Oroginal Case incluyed.

Una rara oportunidad de adquirir esta guitarra americana fabricada por Leo Fender en 1978. Viene con un estuche duro. Es una guitarra vintage. lleva dos humbucking.  El aumento de los imanes de tamaño mejoran la respuesta tonal para acomodar cuerdas de calibre ligero. Tres ajuste de pickup de tornillo para permitir el control de altura e inclinación. Tornillos de ajuste del puente empotradas en las secciones de ajuste. Controles de tono activos que permiten el cambio de volumen sin cambiar el tono. Cuatro posición del interruptor selector para las conexiones de entrada / salida de fase. Conjunto del puente resistente sólido montado en latón para mejorar el tono y aumentar el sustain. El preamplificador aísla pastillas de los circuitos de control de tono y proporciona una salida de baja impedancia. El preamplificador también propicia el uso de cuerdas de guitarra más finos, aumenta en gran medida el nivel de salida.

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